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Ā mātou mahi | Our work

Whakaaturanga mataora

Live performance

Using the unique Theatre Marae method, we facilitate and provide live performance as part of in-school programmes and full public productions.

On this page you can find information about:

Theatre Marae productions

Te Rākau has a track record of presenting high quality and socially relevant bi-cultural theatre. Our performances engage, challenge and delight both participants and audiences alike.

We deliver our programmes using a unique framework called Theatre Marae. Find out more here.

Book tickets to our latest productions, or take a look at our project archive using the links below. If you want to work with us to present a Theatre Marae production in your community, please get in touch.


Theatre Marae in schools

Our in-school Theatre Marae programme is a holistic learning experience suitable for all ages and backgrounds.


Over the course of a term, ​Te Rākau works with a group of rangatahi and their wider school community to rehearse and present a high quality theatre performance that will engage, challenge and delight participants and audience members alike.

Our productions speak to contemporary topics such as identity, community, whānau, biculturalism, mental wellbeing, love, sacrifice, safety and healing. 

The experienced mental health professionals and creative artists at Te Rākau provide extensive pastoral care and creative safety for all participants throughout the engagement. 

In addition to creative direction and youth development, we also provide all the resources and personnel required for a full stage production (which can include support with technical equipment and expertise, ticket sales, set-up etc.)

holistic growth

Our Theatre Marae programmes are holistic in nature. We seek to support rangatahi to develop their:

Te Taha Whānau | Relationships

The social environment of a creative ensemble enables rangatahi to develop healthy, pro-social relationships with their peers. Our participants learn and practice positive, respectful and assertive communication skills, and strengthen their sense of belonging.

Te Taha Tinana | Physical wellbeing

Our programmes guide rangatahi on their journey to re-connect with their bodies. Performance skills include physical fitness and awareness, respect for others' bodies, and a growing sense of self-embodiment (the sense of having or inhabiting a body).

Te Taha Hinengaro | Psychological wellbeing

Rangatahi are supported to connect to their psychological wellbeing using a number of techniques incorporated into the programme's daily routine. This includes creating a shared sense of safety, discussing thoughts and feelings, extending use of appropriate vocabulary, gaining confidence using assertive communication, and growing self-awareness.

Te Taha Wairua | Spiritual wellbeing

Our programme has deep foundations in Te Taha Wairua. We practice regular inoi and karakia, and engage each other in philosophical discussions about mindfulness, cultural exchange, kapa haka, and the themes underpinning waiata or theatrical text. 

Tai Ao | Physical environment

Participants consider how they treat their physical environments as an extension of how they respect themselves and others.

Iwi Katoa | Social environment

By presenting their work to the public, participants gain valuable and immediate reinforcement of their efforts from their own communities. Rangatahi leaders also take on responsibilities such as greeting audiences, facilitating discussions after shows, and developing public speaking or interpersonal skills.


We provide a wide range of production services as part of our in-school Theatre Marae programmes. This includes sound equipment (soundscape, speakers and desk), props, set elements, sound and lighting technicians, most costume items, event ticketing and additional lighting if needed.

You will need your own rehearsal and performance venue, printing services (for scripts, posters and programmes), and student or staff volunteers to provide front-of-house services on show days. While we can support your marketing efforts via our Te Rākau networks and channels, you will need to be able to promote the event within your school and wider community.

Our staff include a full range of creative and youth development experts including producer, directors, choreographers, technicians, set and prop designers, and costume supervisors. This helps us ensure the presentation is to the highest attainable standard.


Take a look at previous productions below, or  get in touch with us to discuss options for your school or kura.

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Massey University

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St Oran's & St Pat's

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Soundings Theatre

Get in touch

To find out more about our workshop and training programmes, get in touch using our contact page.

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