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Public Works 

15 - 17 July 2016

Massey University Theatre Lab
Development Season

Public Works at Massey Unviersity Theatre Lab | Photo: Shannon Culhane
Public Works at Massey Unviersity Theatre Lab | Photo: Shannon Culhane

Development season

  • Prepared the work for a premiere presentation in January 2017

  • Introduced the company (creative team and performers) to the work

  • Gave the playwright the chance to see the work stood up and edit

  • Was an opportunity to try out casting

  • Was an opportunity for the creative team to develop their ideas


The development season of ‘Public Works’ at Massey University not only allowed the playwright Helen Pearse-Otene and director Jim Moriarty to dramaturge the work, but presented an invaluable opportunity for the core creatives of The Undertow project to regularly hui and discuss the overarching aesthetics of the entire series and consider how –from their respective departments – ‘Public Works’ would connect in the sequence of plays The Undertow. 


Public Works is the third work in the Undertow quartet of plays. You can get your own copy of Public Works and all the plays int he series, or watch the television series online.  


WILL: Matt Dussler

HAMUERA: Manuel Solomon

FLEUR: Greer Phillips

BEA: Isobel Mebus

HARRY: Ralph Johnson



Mearn Houston, Kimberley Skipper, Jeremy Davis, Noel Hayvice, Arihia Hayvice, Conor Peoples, Sam Crum, Cayden Howes, Elizabeth Schuck, Emily Salisbury, Unity Brown, Vita Mebus, Emma Bagley, Shifna Shahabdeen, Hariata Moriarty, Tamati Moriarty, Sebastian Contreras



Playwright: Helen Pearse-Otene

Director: Jim Moriarty  

Producer: Aneta Pond

Stage manager/AD/Movement Director: Ian Lesa

Costumier: Cara Waretini

Lighting designer: Lisa Maule

Sound designer: Busby Pearse-Otene

Technical Co-ordinator: Sean Ashton Peach

ASM: Anthony Pan

Interns: Erin Mellor and Shannon Culhane


Download the programme here


If you have stories, profiles, photos or interviews from this production, get in touch.


Te Rākau thanks Sean Ashton-Peach, Elspeth Tilley, Charley Draper and Massey University, Simon Vincent, Haniko Kurapa and Creative New Zealand, Helen Jones and St Oran’s College, Petra Jaeger and St Bernard’s College, Capital City Cars, Cayden’s whanau Sarah Howes and Mark Wilson, Arapata, Brenda and Haley from Te Papa Tongarewa and Ngati Toa Rangatira. Te Rākau especially thanks our company’s whanau for sharing them with us.

Funding for the project came from Creative New Zealand; The Ministry of Youth Development, The Todd Foundation, Massey University (in kind) and ticket sales.

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