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Te Rākau holds short Whakapapa Workshops at your school or institute. These are catered for rangatahi aged 12-24 or adults. The workshops explore identity, whakapapa and citizenship and are delivered under Te Rākau’s unique Theatre Marae programme. 

Participants go on a creative exploration of their identity, as an individual and as a group, in a kaupapa Māori process guided by actor, director and producer Jim Moriarty (MNZM and RPN), and writer, actor, psychologist Helen Pearse-Otene, and a team of Theatre Marae creative professionals. 


Te Rākau will accommodate school guidelines around alert level 4. All Te Rākau facilitators are fully vaxxed.

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One Day Workshop:  4 hours minimum

Maximum 32 participants

$20 per participant 

Space required is 2x classrooms or equivalent hall or gym

Suitable for all ages, experience and backgrounds..


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The workshop is explorational, fun and strength-based around whatever each participant is willing to share. It is culturally and creatively affirming, and strengthens relationships of each individual and the group as a whole. 


Lots of discoveries are made along the way, not the least being how we value and transfer information about each other. The more or less confident become aware of how to work with each other to achieve a unified but diverse and inclusive result. 

At all times opportunities to reflect and be responsive are encouraged. 


Te Rākau will come into your school community and work with your rangatahi, over a term and a bit towards, presenting a high quality performance that will engage, challenge and delight both participants and audiences.


We will provide most of the necessary resources and personnel to make this possible​.

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Te Taha Whānau / Relationships:

We create a social environment (theatre ensemble/ workshop group/ kapa haka rōpū) that allows those we work with to develop healthy, pro-social relationships with their peers, to learn and practice positive, respectful and assertive communication skills, and to feel a sense of belonging.


Te Taha Tinana / Physical Wellbeing:

We encourage re-connection and relationship with one’s body – i.e. body awareness and embodiment (the sense of having a body, of being a body, of inhabiting a body). 

Te Taha Hinengaro / Psychological Wellbeing: We establish daily routines of porowhita (talking circles) where wee feel safe to share our feelings and thoughts about the project at hand, or things that might be bothering us - developed as a slow, planned process that includes the teaching of appropriate vocabulary, assertive communication skills and self-awareness tools.


Te Taha Wairua / Spiritual Wellbeing:

We activate Te Taha Wairua in depth: regular inoi/karakia; philosophical discussions about the underpinning themes of particular waiata or theatrical text; mindfulness; cultural exchange and kapa haka. 


Tai Ao / Physical Environment:

We consider how we treat our physical environment as an extension of how we respect ourselves.


Iwi Katoa / Social Environment:

By presenting twork in public, we are able to gain valuable and immediate reinforcement of our efforts from our communities. Senior rangatahi also take on visible roles of greeting our audiences and facilitating post show discussions, thus developing skills in public speaking, presentation and leadership.


Te Rakau Trust will provide the production elements as listed below:

  • Sound equipment - including soundscape, speakers and desk

  • All Props

  • Set elements

  • Sound and Lighting Technician

  • Lighting requirements (however it is expected that schools will do their best to source what lighting they can)

  • Some costume items

  • Event ticketing​


The production elements listed below will need to be provided by the Colleges:

  • A rehearsal and performance/presentation venue

  • Printed scripts

  • Poster and programme printing

  • Some students to work front of house at the performances


Both Te Rākau and the Colleges will undertake:

  • Adequate Publicity to market the performances

The rehearsal and presentation venues to be supplied and/or funded by the schools.


Te Rākau will supply all appropriate creative personnel - producer, directors, choreographers, technical, set & prop, costume supervision etc to ensure the presentation of the performances is to the highest attainable standard.


Te Rākau will ensure the pastoral and creative safety of all participants throughout the engagement. We will also negotiate with the College/Parent communities for the ongoing holistic growth of all rangatahi involved.

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Kapa Haka – or traditional Māori performing arts – is an intrinsic element of the New Zealand cultural experience. Kapa Haka is an institution which brings together all forms of Māori performing arts and culture, and a homegrown activity through which participants can express their uniqueness as New Zealanders.

As a result of working with disenfranchised young people – whether in mainstream, alternative education, or in CYF residencies – Te Rākau has become a staunch advocate for the teaching of te reo Māori to all New Zealand school children (Māori, Pākehā, Tauiwi) as their birthright.


To that end, Te Rākau has established a Kapa Haka programme for schools in Wellington City that covers the fundamentals of traditional performance and games, as well as introductory level te reo me ngā tikanga.

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