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Ten Moments in Wellington Theatre 2016

Adam Goodall for The Pantograph Punch | 16 December 2016

Adam Goodall takes stock of the triumphs, the anxieties and the must-do-betters of Wellington theatre in 2016.


A woman sits on a box, surrounded by actors who hold hatchets over her head
Dog & Bone by Helen Pearse-Otene, Taki Rua and Te Rākau Theatre, Te Papa Soundings Theatre. | Aneta Pond 2016

A story of two Māori brothers on opposite sides of the Pākehā settlement of Pōneke, Helen Pearse-Otene's Dog & Bone, staged by Taki Rua and Te Rākau, was rich in history and charged up with the energy of its 27-strong ensemble, led by muscular, fiercely-connected performances from men of the hour Errol Anderson and Jamie McCaskill.

Detailing the damage wrought across families and iwi by British colonisation, Dog & Bone was a tragedy passionately told and it sent shivers up my spine every other scene.

The play is the second part of the underTOW, Pearse-Otene’s planned four-part epic of local history, and all four parts play at Te Papa’s Soundings Theatre next month. It is imperative that you go.

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