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Performance future for Ōtaki rangatahi

Updated: May 20

Nikki Carrol for Coast Access Radio | 25 October 2022

Nikki Carrol interviews Te Rākau Kaitohu, Jim Moriarty, and all the taiohi that performed in The Battalion this October.


A group of girls sing and use poi
Taiohi performing in The Battalion | Mark Coote 2022

Last night I watched the most amazing performances by rangatahi from the greater Wellington region.

Hosted by Ōtaki College, in collaboration with Te Rākau Theatre, this production of The Battalion blew me away, made me laugh, and brought me to tears.

And even more amazingly, I had the opportunity to interview the director Jim Moriarty and a number of the rangatahi last week for Coast Access Radio.

The future of New Zealand theatre telling New Zealand stories is looking fantastic.

Listen to the full interview with Nikki on Coast Access Radio.

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